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Berne, Switzerland 02.02.2016

Security in Carrier Grade VoIP systems is an important factor in a professional VoIP environment. Unexpected and unwanted system infringements can cause financial damage, and may also cause irreparable reputational damage. Aarenet developed the Triple-A System Security Suite to protect the system and limit the potential damage to the system and to the Service Provider.

Aarenet Triple-A Security System Suite is a set of active and passive system tools and application related security features which are designed to prevent illegal access attempts to all system components and to minimise any associated damage if the system is compromised.

The Aarenet Security Suite is categorised in three feature groups. The Secure Limiter function was designed to block fraudulent access attempts to the SIP Clients’ accounts. The Security Protect function analyses the egress and ingress IP traffic for anomaly and the Security Connect function will limit unallowed access attempts into the system. The Aarenet Triple-A Security System Suite forms a strong secured base of a contemporary Carrier Grade VoIP system security.

“Security in VoIP solutions, especially for large system deployments, is a major concern for any carrier and its implementation is key for any technical and commercial deployment. In the nowadays connected world, system infringements are communicated quickly and can cause major damage, not only financial but also reputational. We developed a powerful set of features to protect the core VoIP system. This will not only reduce the damage, but will also reduce or prevent the system infringement to happen in the first place.” says Mr. Emanuel Eggenberg – Aarenet COO.

In all new system deployments, the Aarenet Triple-A Security Suite is installed in the background. The Secure Limit feature with Topstop feature and Time Controlled Block Sets is activated as standard. Optionally, the Security Protect and Connect features can be licensed and activated. Aarenet will develop further advanced security features within the different categories.