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Berne, Switzerland 27.09.2016

Aarenet announced today that it has released the new version of their smartphone app “an IP-Phone” including IOS 10 CallKit integration. CallKit integrates Aarenet VoIP application into the smartphone’s native dialler. As of now, it is no longer necessary to enter the device’s pin code to de-block the iPhone upon an incoming call and users can enjoy an improved integrated call experience.

CallKit integrates different telephony features and third party telephony features in the native IOS app. Using the framework, incoming calls are displayed fully on the screen, even if the phone is locked. CallKit enables to select the Aarenet VoIP app when making calls from the native iPhone dialler as well as dialling from the contacts, favorites and history list. The native phone dialler and Aarenet’s VoIP application can now interchange seamlessly. This includes all aspects of telephony, including merging incoming and missed call lists.

Frank Remmers, Sales Director at Aarenet says: “The fact that Apple now enables applications providers to integrate their apps into the device’s user experience, is a big change and a huge benefit for all VoIP providers and end-users. Aarenet’s smartphone application now fully integrated into the native dialler and it is easier for the user to use and access the application. This is a further step to enable and use a fixed line connection on your smartphone. Not only will this help to increase the reachability of the user, but it can also contribute to reduce mobile call charges. Mobile call charges and roaming charges are still high on the market if compared to fixed line call rates. Although many mobile providers offer flat fee packages, these do come at a certain price and if calculated down to the used minutes, most users overpay for their usage. Our smartphone application merely needs a data connection through WiFi or mobile data and offers all comfort features which are expected by the users and allows full mobility at fixed line rates. Furthermore, do our customers appreciate the secure and uncomplicated setup and registration process.”

The new features are available as of V2.5 of the “an IP-Phone” app available on Apple app store.