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Berne, Switzerland 09.12.2016

Aarenet announced today that the WebRTC dialer “an WebPhone” is available for activation on all installed systems with Software Version 6.4 or higher.

In addition to the existing suite of telephony features, the WebRTC dialer offers the possibility to make browser assisted VoIP calls from any public internet connection. Complementary to the smartphone client “an IP-Phone”, the WebRTC dialer “an WebPhone” offers another location independent means to make and receive phone calls at fixed call rates.

Frank Remmers, Sales Director at Aarenet says: “WebRTC adds a sense of location and infrastructure independence to the telephony solution. Using any supported browser from a personal computer or even from an Android phone will allow to connect to the system and initiate calls using the known personal number. With our solution it is very easy to make a call and it voids the necessity to buy or register another application. Adding functionalities into one platform and a simple yet friendly user interface will improve the customer experience and reduce the barriers to use Unified Communication features. The solution is 100% webbrowser based and does not require any program installation. Therefore it is also ideal to be used whilst travelling, for home office workers or for anybody working on remote locations”.

“an WebPhone” supports telephony and video calling. Furthermore, webconferencing can be started at the click of a URL link without the need to communicate usernames and passwords to the participants. Chat / Instant Messaging and an integration of the personal Voice Mail account complete the feature set. For advanced developments, Aarenet offers an Application Programming Interface (API) to enable an integration into webpages and client applications.