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Berne, 05.06.2013

To cope with the growing demand for Managed Services of customers Aarenet launched a new Network Operation Centre (NOC) in the last weeks. At the same time the staffing was increased in the area of support and operations.

In the new set-up of the NOC all operational inevitable parameters of each customer system may be monitored around the clock. The focus is the automation of the monitoring process in favour of the customer. The state of all systems operated by Aarenet as Managed Services is being displayed on large screens. The medial alerts support Aarenet’s staff in the NOC to control and manage tasks according their priorities. Aarenet may intervene in the configurations of the customer systems to ensure a smooth calling operation as needed. The specialists of Aarenet are well skilled and experienced to operate and maintain Carrier-Switches according to the requirements of the customers. Customers relying on Managed Services deployed by Aarenet may transfer mission critical tasks to Aarenet to minimize their risks and problems in systems operations. Aarenet offers various Service Level Agreements to customers. Among that Aarenet offers services including around the clock automated monitoring of the customer system.