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Berne, 17.06.2014

Aarenet VoIP System Version 5.7 available for service

The development of the VoIP System Release 5.7 was finalised end of May 2014. Any new system will be equipped with the new release and includes the new functionality. An update service for existing installations can be offered without impacting the availability of active service.

The release boosts the enterprise segment by offering additional business features for corporate use (virtual PBX, IP-Centrex) and includes the support of the newly developed Aarenet softclients. The core functionality now includes fax2mail functionality, call recording and the possibility to setup multi user phone conferences. The use of add-on conference systems is hence no longer necessary.

With the combined offering of a Class5 switch and virtual PBX, the Aarenet system can cover both residential as well as business applications and thus provides additional possibilities to fulfil customer demand and to realise business growth.

The available softclients are integrated and complete the functionality of the VoIP system. Automated provisioning simplifies the registration process significantly. Both IOS and Android versions are offered for use on smartphones, which software versions can be installed through the different app stores.

A windows version of the softclient is also available, which also supports touchscreen functionality under Windows 8. A MacOS Version is under development and will complete the new release shortly.