Aarenet Voip Systems

Aarenet provides turnkey systems build to specific customer requirements. 

Aarenet’s systems pervade all requirements of professional VoIP products in outstanding quality and high availability. Each system is built and configured according to the technical, administrational and regulatory requirements of the customer.

The wide range of technical complexity and the room of interpretation in standardisations of the interfaces of the components require an optimal integration of all parts in a coherent system. Aarenet cooperates closely with the development teams of its various suppliers to ensure the full integration of all building blocks in a satisfactory level of quality.



The Aarenet VoIP System consists of the Aarenet VoIP Switch, a Firewall or a Session Border Controller (SBC) and auxiliary devices such as a provisioning or conferencing servers. The connection to the public phone network (PSTN resp. Public Switched Telephone Network) occurs over SIP trunks or SS7 gateways. The customer premises equipment (CPE) is connected over broadband IP (Internet Protocol) either directly as in the case of IP-phones or soft clients or indirectly with gateways as in the case of analogue phones or ISDN equipment. The integration into an existing or new customer management or billing systems will happen by adequate interfaces such as XML.


Aarenet VoIP Switch

The Aarenet VoIP Switch ensures the interoperability of the various elements of the system and facilitates the cardinal functionalities of the system. The Aarenet VoIP Switch is a class 5 soft switch, tending on end-users the same quality, variety and availability of services as legacy Time Division Multiplex (TDM) systems. Subscribers will not experience any deviation compared with legacy systems. The Aarenet VoIP Switch supports all customary features such as emergency number routing, short number dialing, VAS numbers, carrier selection, number portability, fax-services, call-blocking sets and many other features. In addition the system offers functionalities which are not available on legacy systems such as Web-access for subscribes or Virtual PBX Functionalities.


VoIP Gateways, IP Phones and Soft Clients may be selected as Customer Premise Equipment (CPE). The VoIP Gateways enable the connection of existing legacy equipment such as analogue devices, ISDN phones or PBXs with up to multiple E1 (ISDN Primary Rate Access) connections. IP Phones replace the legacy analogue and ISDN phones and Soft Clients are used on PCs, tablets or other mobile devices (e.g. iPhone).


The intercarrier connection is a key feature of a VoIP System. Multiple links at different locations, for example in different countries and into different networks or to multiple carriers can be handled by the Aarenet System. The system will route calls on the most suitable alternative or at lowest costs. This feature is important in case a destination may not be reached at all or at insufficient quality via the preselected carrier or a carrier’s pricing is not matching competitive standards.

Security and Availability

Security is of utmost importance. For example, the authentication of the CPE's is fully encrypted and even voice traffic may be encrypted if this is not violating legal regulations. The VoIP system itself is protected by Firewalls or Session Border Controllers (SBC). The use of redundant, high quality components ensures the required operating reliability of 99.999%, which is required for carrier systems. To meet more demanding availability requirements the systems may be delivered in location redundant configuration.

Provisioning, Operation and Maintenance

The Aarenet VoIP-System generates the configuration set-ups for the various customers’ equipment and automatically downloads the settings to the devices. The loading of the settings may occur in advance of shipping the devices or may be downloaded after the connection of the equipment to the system.

Aarenet VoIP-Systems offer the support crew of the operators the ability to view the state of the CPE’s at the customer’s premises online in the system admin interface and access the information of the status of the operation of the CPE’s. Among other tasks, the support crew may get the information whether an ISDN interface is active and whether a device is connected. Aarenet VoIP-Systems enable the support crew to make end-to-end controls and to locate issues with the equipment in the customer premises.

Furthermore specialized system tools allow problem analysis and ease the localization of faults.

Value Added Services

The system offers modular enhancements to realize a variety of value added services (VAS). VAS includes - but is not limited to - conferencing services, call centres, interactive voice response (IVR) or unified messaging (UM) components. Automated information exchange between the systems is implemented with specialized interfaces.

Customer Management Systems

Thanks to their flexibility Aarenet VoIP Systems may easily be integrated into existing Customer Management Systems (CMS) or Billing Systems. Bidirectional automated data exchange is implemented with specialized interfaces.

Customized Systems

Each VoIP System is customized and built according to customer’s requirements and existing network structure. Even the feature-set may be enhanced on customer’s demand since the architecture of the system is modular and flexible. The number of subscribers and the amount of supported concurrent calls is highly scalable.

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Positioning of the Aarenet VoIP System

Aarenet VoIP Systems are positioned between the customers' equipment and the Public Telephone networt infrastructure. Aarenet Systems fit in three areas of operation and customer segments:

  • Aarenet VoIP Switch
  • Aarenet Interconnection
  • Aarenet Enterprise Virtual PBX

The Aarenet VoIP Switch is the spine of any VoIP system solution and is defined as a class 5 switch to serve Carriers, Utility Operators, Cable Operators, Mobile Carriers and Telecom Service Providers at the level of a Local Public Exchange. The Aarenet interconnection section of the system provides high-capacity links or interconnections based on SIP or SS7 to other carriers or to the PSTN. The Aarenet Enterprise Virtual PBX offers reliable and well-arranged PBX functionalities for organizations. The security and multiple tenant set-up is outstanding.